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Bespoke advisory practice and partner to our clients. Here to create the reality to our client’s vision.

About Us

Expert digital infrastructure professionals with extensive industry knowledge, able to understand the perspectives of investors, operators, and clients. Our unique skills are available to assist startups and multinational corporations seeking innovative approaches and paths to success.

Choose F2Suite as your trusted partner for technology infrastructure projects. Our team of experts understands the importance of excellence in collaboration, and we’re committed to delivering superior results.


Our expertise in infrastructure, corporate planning, implementation, and operations has honed our ability to evaluate project feasibility.


With well over half a century of accumulated knowledge in all aspects of technology infrastructure (diligence, design, installation, and management), F2Suit is uniquely positioned to accelerate the success of the world's most demanding projects and companies.


We seek out vectors and commonalities for success that may not be apparent to most, due to years of perseverance and dedication. Whether it's precise construction with millimeter tolerances, achieving picosecond latency requirements, meeting power demands in the gigawatts, scaling globally, or pursuing extremely favorable IRR, F2Suit delivers results.

Our Services Section

Help you creating the best


From validation of a thesis for a new business, tactical growth planning for an existing venture or M&A activities.


Layout of a project of any scale from fiber routing, data center deployment to substation & generation.


Assisting in setup of new operating co. employees, augmentation of existing team or stepping into operating roles.

Our Approach

Advantage of Approach


Evaluate Target Market and Trends.
Assess Current Assets.
Justify Investment Strategy.


Align Teams and Advise.
Recommend Contractors and Vendors.
Augment or Support Operating Roles.


Align on Resulting Target Market Investment.
Determine Competitive Advantage.
Define Timing, Resources, & Success Criteria.


Develop Revenue and Cost Assumptions.
Compare to Industry Benchmarks.
Align on Go-To-Market Plan.

The Team

Our extensive knowledge base enables us to efficiently assess project viability and, equally important, determine if we are the appropriate advisors for our clients and their unique needs. F2Suit employs an adaptable approach to scaling our team in accordance with a client’s requirements. With years of industry experience, we have curated a diverse team of accomplished industry veterans and promising up-and-comers, equipped to deliver necessary resources to our clients at the right time. Below, you can find a brief overview of our F2Suit team bios – as our success is a collective effort, we do not highlight individual names or images.

With more than three decades of experience, team member possess a distinct industry perspective that enables them to convey a comprehensive understanding of network design, infrastructure, capacity management, and traffic engineering for some of the most extensive systems in the world.

Team Member

With over 20 years of experience, he hasdesigned, created, and launched some world’s first concepts in the telecom and tech infrastructure spaces. Currently, he works in the real estate, power, software, and telecom sectors.

Team Member

With 20 years of telecom industry experience, from startups to billion-dollar mergers, they bring valuable knowledge and expertise to drive success. This team member adapts to change and delivers solutions for customers. Their background allows them to assist organizations in reaching their goals.

Team Member

Our team recognizes the significance of veterans’ time on our team. We are also proud to welcome one of our most recent partners, who holds extensive experience in software, routing, and fiber.

Team Member

With over 25 years of professional experience in intricate routing, sophisticated design, and meticulous implementation, a dedicated innovator who strives to enhance the business’s foundation from the very beginning.

Team Member

Industry Snapshot

Data Center Demand

Global spending on the construction of Data Centers is forecasted to reach $49 billion by 2030

$ 0


Ensure that we have an equitable framework for all parties. Start the project with the same enthusiasm as end the project,




Need to ingest all data, order #’s, contractor agreements, legal agreements, basically any element to be up to speed as to current state of the assets and arrange site visits.




Role identification, aligning key stake holders



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